Erika Hoffmann

Profession: Cosmetician
Position: Managing Director
Date of Birth: March 24, 1951
City: Bad-Hofgastein (Salzburg)
Martial Status: Married to husband Erich
Children: Isabel (1983), Daniel (1985)
Noteworthy Ancestors: Great-grandfather, Nobleman (von der Hohen Warte)
Dossier: 1979 Television Program WIR , 1993 ORF Esprit  2002 Ö3  2002 Radio NÖ


At 18 I finished Women’s Secondary School and enrolled in a language study program in Switzerland. After a meeting of fate in Paris, I changed to the cosmetics profession.I finished my training abroad. My mentors were wonderful physicians who helped determine my cosmetics path. They made it possible for me to receive professional, medical cosmetics training.

When I returned to Austria, in spite of my education and professional experience, I was required to complete a proper apprenticeship, as cosmetics in Austria is a qualified profession. My path was now free and I was able to begin my career in cosmetics in Austria. Which was a success for me—I was able to build my flourishing business from the ground up. Yet even to this day, the call of foreign countries has led me to such projects as helping with the development of the spa in the Hotel Anassa in Cypress, where I gave treatments to customers from all over the world.

Everyone was there, such as Harper’s Bazar—Madame—Vogue—etc., but the best references are the customers themselves, who still write to me from all over the world to ask for my advice.Today I provide guidance for customers from all over the world. We send our products all the way to America.Fed by the life elixir of SUCCESS, I will also bring my knowledge and experience to the United Arab Emirates, in particular in the area of ANTIAGING. My profession is my calling and an unswerving process of learning in order to have the best ready for my customers.