MSB sets new standards for the future

MSB Philosophy

What is MSB?

The "Smart Drug Concept"

The MSB Principle


MSB Medical Spirit of Beauty, with the intelligent smart drug concept, concerns itself with the complex standards of modern skin care: effectiveness, individuality and sustainability.

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Beauty is Measureable

MBR doesn't give aging a chance!

Your Requirements Are Our Demand

MBR cosmetics are not only extraordinarily effective, they are also superior in their consultation. Only specially trained MBR dermaceutical experts are capable of determining, in consultation with you, the most effective method of treatment and putting together the required MBR-care products. Our experts obtain this knowledge at the MBA, the Medical Beauty Academy.

In professional courses and dermis seminars candidates earn the qualifications necessary to be able to provide consultancy as dermaceutical experts and to treat our clients successfully.

The diverse treatments, optimally developed for differing skin needs and conditions, act directly on the foundation and enable individual, sustainable skin care system.